Varanasi – City of Moksha

Varanasi is the living symbol of the Hindu renaissance, one of the holiest pilgrimages of Hindu religion as well one of the world’s ancient city where daily millions of Pilgrims from all over the world pay a visit to the ghats of Ganges either to take a bathe in the sacred river to wash away their sins or to cremate their loved ones. Varanasi’s ancient name was Kashi then during Medieval period it change to Banaras and now Varanasi. Basically Varanasi is a combination of two Sanskrit name of the rivers Varuna and Assi where in between these streams the city was built. Here most inevitable cycle of life and death is celebrated everyday. Countless temples around the ghats. The city have most beautiful light views in the night. Varanasi is also favourite place among the writers, photographers, movie makers and spiritual person. To be believed the city was build in 11th century BC making it the world’s oldest inhabited city. Continue reading “Varanasi – City of Moksha”


Varanasi taught me something which the books failed.

I watch the sun rising above the river Ganga, lightning the sky, scattered out of the beam.

I saw newlyweds happily rejoicing the new beginning.

I saw newly born baby crying while the parents performing tradition prayer on the bank of the river Ganga.

I saw kids swimming fiercely in the river.

I saw different age group of people offering prayers to Almighty in different ways.

I saw people washing the clothes while listening to chants.

I saw widow and old age people sitting and chanting mantras near the Ghat.

I saw people mourning over their dead.

I saw fire all over, they cremated their dead.

I saw life cycle in 120 secs.