The old world charm neighborhood in Mumbai that you will fall in love with: South Mumbai – Part I (INTRODUCTION)

Surprisingly I have been to Mumbai more than Goa or any other part of the city in India but I have been stayed longer days in Goa for sure. The reason is simple, Mumbai is closer from Ahmedabad with more trains running on and Double Decker train which have more number of seats making it more comfortable and easier to travel to Mumbai even in super tight budget and almost have few empty seats when you need to book at last moment. When it comes to Mumbai people are more exciting to bump on Bollywood actor/actress or hit the prime locations like Bandra, Juhu, Andheri, Lokhandwala and Gateway of India and not to forget how much everyone complaining about traffic jams. Three years back I visited South Mumbai, the Fort area (specific location: where CST [Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus] located AKA Victoria Terminus [VT] Station) for some official work and have learned about the old world charm of Mumbai beside the traffic jams. Can’t believe this is the same city I used to hate it when I was a kid. There is no other cheaper and best way to enjoy Mumbai than traveling in local trains, eating at not-so-fancy restaurant, walk along the Queen’s Necklace to spot architectural wonders, enjoy coastal views, sit on the seawall, feel the cool breeze in your face and watch waves crash gently upon the shore.  Continue reading “The old world charm neighborhood in Mumbai that you will fall in love with: South Mumbai – Part I (INTRODUCTION)”


The part of Mumbai you never wish to put your feet on but there’s home of the ones who help Mumbai to be the greatest city of India

There are five largest slums in the world: Dharavi (Mumbai, India). Khayelitsha (Cape Town, South Africa). Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) and Neza (Mexico). Orangi Town (Karachi, Pakistan). A ‘slum’ is a thickly populated shabby part of an urban city, a cramped spaces inhabited by poor people who usually been disgust by the upper community but the fact is, they are the biggest contributor to boost our country economy. There are basically the back bone of the country. Dharavi is considered one of the largest slums in Asia and it has an area of just over 2.1 square kilometres and a population of about 700,000 plus living in 100,000 around makeshift homes and appx there are at least 400-450 people per acre. The largest slum in the world, however, is located in Mexico city (Neza) with four times more people than Dharavi. Mumbai is known for its Bollywood film industry, some call Mumbai as city of dreams while some come to Mumbai to bag the job they work their ass of for many many years. But Dharavi Slum came into international limelight when Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008) won an Oscar award. A British drama film that is a loose adaptation of the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author Vikas Swarup.

However, being the biggest slum in the Asia aren’t the reasons why Dharavi is famous for. I tell ya this, if you remove Dharavi from the city, most likely Mumbai would collapse within a day or two. Dharavi is the ‘oxygen‘ of Mumbai like how the local trains are the ‘heart beats‘. With their small business, slum dwellers generate an annual turnover of about over USD 650 million, making it one of the most productive slums in the world. Yes! You read this right.  Continue reading “The part of Mumbai you never wish to put your feet on but there’s home of the ones who help Mumbai to be the greatest city of India”

Mumbai’s Magical Pagoda – Global Vipassana.

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One of Mumbai’s classic attractions, The Global Vipassana Pagoda have a Meditation Dome Hall with a capacity to seat around 8,000 Vipassana meditators, the largest such meditation hall in the world and the architecture to make your senses calm. Buddhism and I have a bit of a history. I have grew up listening and reciting Buddhist Chants and pay a visit to Pagoda every month. My father is a follower of Buddhism since year 1994. Buddhism, like most of the great religions of the world, is divided into a number of different traditions. However, most traditions share a common set of fundamental beliefs – The Inner Peace and Love Towards the Others.

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Treasure island hopping to explore Elephanta Caves.

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Elephanta is an island off the Mumbai coast (which also called Gharapuri), the one in the middle is the biggest and most ornate. Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, labyrinth of cave temples represent some of India’s most impressive temple carving dedicated to Lord Shiva. The rock-cut Elephanta Caves were constructed about the mid-5th to 6th centuries AD. It was the Portuguese who named the island as “Elephanta” because of a large stone elephant near the shore (this collapsed in 1814 and was moved by the British to Mumbai’s Jijamata Udyan).  Continue reading “Treasure island hopping to explore Elephanta Caves.”

Adlabs Imagica in flat INR 160 (A guide)

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Adlabs Imagica tagged as India’s favorite Holiday destination as well India’s first and only International standard Amusement park spread out on 130-acre land, located at Khopoli (Raigad District), Mumbai – Pune Express Highway, which is appx 90 mins drive from Mumbai or Pune (appx 115 kms) and for longest time the place which I was itching to tick off on my bucket list. It’s been 5 years since it’s opened for public and the reason I couldn’t plan for it was traveling expense and traveling by road from Mumbai is nothing but tiring (as well annoying) and not to forget the heavy traffic jams scene. Car rental costing INR 9499 + 18% GST (return journey) for a group of 4 people with all meals which is crazy high and INR 599 per person for bus (one way) which is economical but again the road trip and the traffic jam☹️ If you feel me, this the right place you stop by 🙂 I am going to guide you how to enjoy Imagica without blowing up on your budget and get over from traffic jams drama in just INR 160 ㋡ Continue reading “Adlabs Imagica in flat INR 160 (A guide)”