10 Ahmedabad Dessert Cafés Ready to Make You Droll!

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Of all the days to celebrate this out shines the rest, here is hoping that this Eid is happiest and best Eid Mubarak to All 🙂 I am welcoming myself back to my blog today. As well it was my Thirtieth Birthday two weeks back ❤ April end till May end, took me a lot of strength and courage to recover from severe food poisoning, stomach ulcer, colon parasites and heat stroke. A voyager epicure journey gonna take a long break for now. But this too shall pass 🙂 Fast forward!! I’ve got a sweet tooth, but less in comparison to my teens years 😀 Growing up learning about how too-much of sugar side effect our health. There will be a dump of an unhealthy levels of fat in the blood and livers of person who ate a high-sugar diet, which may increase the risk of heart disease and many other things. And while many people eat sugar as a pick-me-up, it could be having the opposite effect. Well, can’t deny this. Because we live in an artificial world now 🙂

Once in a while, sugar is good! Sharing my top 10 Ahmedabad Dessert cafes that totally makes you feel living in a paradise. These are my best to go desert parlor since 2 years and counting, while some I just got new in my list. As well the best thing is, they doesn’t have too-much sugar in their dessert. Let’s roll!! Get ready to droll!!

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