10 Ahmedabad Dessert Cafés Ready to Make You Droll!

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Of all the days to celebrate this out shines the rest, here is hoping that this Eid is happiest and best Eid Mubarak to All 🙂 I am welcoming myself back to my blog today. As well it was my Thirtieth Birthday two weeks back ❤ April end till May end, took me a lot of strength and courage to recover from severe food poisoning, stomach ulcer, colon parasites and heat stroke. A voyager epicure journey gonna take a long break for now. But this too shall pass 🙂 Fast forward!! I’ve got a sweet tooth, but less in comparison to my teens years 😀 Growing up learning about how too-much of sugar side effect our health. There will be a dump of an unhealthy levels of fat in the blood and livers of person who ate a high-sugar diet, which may increase the risk of heart disease and many other things. And while many people eat sugar as a pick-me-up, it could be having the opposite effect. Well, can’t deny this. Because we live in an artificial world now 🙂

Once in a while, sugar is good! Sharing my top 10 Ahmedabad Dessert cafes that totally makes you feel living in a paradise. These are my best to go desert parlor since 2 years and counting, while some I just got new in my list. As well the best thing is, they doesn’t have too-much sugar in their dessert. Let’s roll!! Get ready to droll!!

1) Buttercupp

This place is love <3! Amar and Darshini, the power couple as well the owner of Buttercupp were the first ones to introduced an exclusive luxury, royal, creamy, soft and smooth cup cakes in Ahmedabad 7 years back in March 2012 (right 2 months before I started Voyage Planner :D). Little birdie said Darshini is actually a fourth generation baker in her family (whoa!). If you are from Ahmedabad or have traveled a lot here, it is quite hard to believe if you haven’t heard or been to Buttercupp till date. Literally 4 hrs max and the cup cakes are SOLD!! They open at 2 – 2:30 ish in the noon and by 6:30 (even before sunset) they sold off!! You can call on store and book it before if you gonna pick it up late.

Oreo Cupcake
Double Mint Cupcake

It is hard to pick my faves here. Banana Chocolate, Double Dip, Oreo, Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate Vanilla, Mom’s Pound Cake are the most flavours I had till now. They even have Bundt Cakes ❤ occasionally. I had Apple Cinnamon Slice once. As well their brownie cookies are heavenly delicious (If I get it before it got sold off, I consider the universe has reward me for the good deeds *wink*).

Banana Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcake

2) The Belgian Waffle Co.

In recent times, Ahmedabad have been flooded with waffles. A sudden waffle storm you can say, but among all there is my hero version of waffle place – The Belgian Waffle Co. They have cool abbreviation as BWC. A venture started by Shrey Aggarwal and Alisha in 2015. A four year young company have transformed into a big company literally in no-time! They started off with a small outlet in INOX cinema in 2015. Today they have expanded to a 200+ outlets in 55+ cities in India. They’ve started working on a franchise model to not only make it scalable but also encourage young entrepreneurs to buy into their vision and spread the warmth. They have 6 outlets in Ahmedabad.

They have many waffles flavours right from simple butter with maple syrup to red velvet, cotton candy, belgian milk/dark chocolate, nutella, kit-kat, blueberry, cream pizza, caramel and much more. They have varieties of toppings – oreo, roasted almonds, bananas and chocolate sprinkles. Recently they have introduced Waffle Ice Cream Sundae. They have cold shakes too 😀 Oh! I want to have waffle now (*sob sob*).

I found this while reading about BWC on google. This is a copy of interview posted on VF Franchise Consulting blog:

Shrey Aggarwal (Founder, The Belgian Waffle Co.), was a mechanical engineering student and started his career as a software engineer. He went on to work in Manila for SAP. However, he is a complete foodie and has always been an in-house food critic, but had absolutely no experience in hospitality or the food biz and never imagined to make a career in this field.

So we were curious to know how Belgian waffle came about. Shrey says, “Honestly it was not a very calculated and analyzed decision. I had a somewhat Eureka moment when I was walking into a mall in the Philippines and I could smell freshly baked waffles from a nearby store. I couldn’t resist and had to buy one even though I wasn’t particularly hungry. I wanted to re-create that feeling and create a warm and inviting brand that served a freshly baked product that represented the same feeling of comfort and nostalgia that I felt. I shadowed the owner of that waffle brand and I saw tremendous potential to bring the product to India in a big way, customized in an easy to eat and affordable format. Waffles are a versatile favorite for all ages and can be eaten at all times of the day be it breakfast, dessert or a snack so it made sense.” Have we made you hungry, now?

Dark and Milk Belgian Waffle

Psssttt….. I tell ya a secret today 😀 When the very first time Belgian Waffle introduced in Ahmedabad, I used to binge eat Belgian Milk waffle every single day after lunch/dinner to satiate my craving for something sweet and creamy. I work with local reward brands to promote The Belgian Waffle. No kidding!! However it stopped now. I have hyperdontia – supernumerary teeth. A condition that causes too many teeth to grow in your mouth. These extra teeth are sometimes called. They can grow anywhere in the curved areas where teeth attach to your jaw. Literally everywhere like a silver maple tree roots. And sugar does more damage to the growth. We learn a new lesson everyday 🙂 Everything in limit is always a good idea.

3) 7Violettes

If Mumbai has Pooja Dingra’s Le 15 Patisserie, Ahmedabad has Suvritii Siingh’s 7Violettes. Suvritii is a French Patissier who bakes delicious French macaroons, entremets and Desserts enough to transport you to French town in a single bite. Her first outlet at University Road is chic. There is another outlet at Prahladnagar 🙂

Suvritii loves baking and she did her baking course from a small village in the south of France which was then the best school for learning. For her, cakes are not just a part of an occasion, but it is an emotion which is linked to a person’s life. Suvritii was the first one in Ahmedabad to who have introduced French dessert and Dark Chocolate to the city in 2013. Her critics are her parents. They judged every single bite of what she baked to make sure she got the flavours right . Her elder sister’s got her back. She is the one who is the brain of the business handling absolutely everything apart from the kitchen which makes the duo a fabulous team.

7Violettes has won so many hearts already with their delicious macaroons, designer cakes, brownies and the cherry on the cake being their mouth watering French biscuit too. They also take orders for parties/ hi-teas, corporate events. Personally For me, a gift box of 6 macaroons is a win win always. Flavors are: chocolate, nutella, chocolate orange, rose, coffee and pistachio. Ooh I have also heard that their Pain Au Chocolate Croissant is something one should pair with macaroons 🙂

4) Ombre

It was 4 summers back when I noticed a new small and cute cupcake outlet at Ahmedabad One Mall (then: Alpha one) upper basement while preparing for grocery shopping at Hypercity (now: Big Bazaar). I had double chocolate and peanut butter. It was love! and soon it turned to a routine to buy 2 cupcakes every week while having grocery shopping.

Chocolate Orange Liquid Jar

Ombre have introduced a lot of things since then. Liquid jars, chocolate jars, cake jars are still my favorites. They bakes cakes and have set up mini bakery too 🙂 offering breads, bagels, sandwiches, crepes and waffles. They have mini dessert parlor at Prahladnagar. Oh! do not miss their shakes ya’.

5) Ice Cream Works

Mumbai based company and have a strong background of foodie family. Do you remember Cream Centre restaurant?? The most loved veggie restaurant in town before Ahmedabad Sindhu Bhavan turned into walking foodie zone. Ice Cream Works is an ice cream company by Cream Center 🙂

Located at ground Acropolis Mall, Thaltej, in the same building where PVR Cinemas is situated. Ice Cream Works serves delicious, smooth, rich and creamy ice creams. The Pink Guava Ice Cream sprinkled with red chilli powder and chaat masala powder has been hit among ice cream lover and those who always want more sugary taste in ice cream as well the Black is Black and Madagascar Ice Cream for those who love bitter taste.

Black is Black

Cream Center had opened at Chowpatty, Mumbai in 1958 by Ramesh Chona who came to Mumbai from Karachi. Since it’s located in a building inhabited by Jain’s, the food had to be vegetarian. It also serves one of the best traditional and interesting ice creams like the Pista Badami Chikki and Calcutta Meetha Pan. An amazing mixture of the mint flavors, always refreshing is what proves to be the specialty of the Cream Centre.

When Ramesh Chona passed away in 1976, his 18 year-old son Sanjiv Chona took over, and for the past 36 years, has been running one of Mumbai’s most loved restaurants. After 36 years, Sanjiv Chona has now passed Cream Centre’s legacy on to his son and daughter who work with him. His 25 year-old daughter Alisha is director at the parent company Prince Cuisines and CEO of Ice Cream Works, an ice cream brand at High Street Phoenix, Chowpatty and Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Alisha says, “My grandfather started with ice-creams, so we decided to come full circle.”

Three generations of Chonas have given Mumbai three different but extremely pleasurable dining experiences and now best traditional flavourful ice cream to dig in!! They have expanded in 15 cities and 42 outlets across the nation currently and continue to expand and spread the ice cream-licious moment.

6) London Bubble Co.

I come across London Bubble outlet for the first time in Juhu, Mumbai last year in March ’18. The outlet is just exactly opposite to Ramada Palm Groove Juhu. I was excited to try something new in waffle and fell in love with their Dark Chocolate Brownie pocket waffle. It was so good that I literally wished for an outlet in Ahmedabad. After a few months, finally London Bubble opened the new franchise outlet at Sindhu Bhavan road, Ahmedabad (they have expanded to 3 outlets now). I tried the Nutella Bubble Waffle and brooo, back to binge eat! Extremely sweet and tasted sooo good! I still remember the days when I skipped dinner and only have the full big size of bubble waffle. Duh! I missed it.

Nutella Bubble Waffle

Later, I get to know the story behind London Bubble. It started by Saurabh Rathore, Founder & CEO of Gobble Me Good in 2017 and launched its global operations with its first post at Juhu and then Andheri to patrons. Whoa! I feel grateful to visit their first outlet 🙂


7) Cocoa Drama

Ahmedabad peeps have already love the cupcakes trend and it will probably stay forever now 🙂 I don’t exactly remember how I started loving Cocoa Drama cupcakes. One of my friend told me about cheese cakes she love here and I am not exactly fond of cheese cakes, a bite is good (no idea why!). But, the cupcakes are surely amazing!! I did end up trying 2-3 cheese cakes because my dad crave for something gooey and sweet. Surprisingly I did finished Oreo Cheese Cake all by myself. But, I still choose the cupcakes with coffee. Other than that I love the tiny cute space Cocoa Drama have. Located at Vastrapur, exactly near Sandesh Press and below The Belgian Waffle outlet located (trust me! always hard to choose between waffle and cup cakes!).

Oreo Cheese Cake

Did I tell you about reward points that can get you free coffee sometimes? *wink* Reelo Reward points is absolutely bliss when it comes to spending money on food and you get reward 🙂

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Cocoa Drama is a venture by Khushali Solanki. She mainly used Cocoa as a based of in her baking products and drama, she named it for those who crave for sweet tooth in extreme level. Hence, Cocoa Drama 😀

They use imported fruit purées, French vanilla, Belgium chocolate and many such ingredients in their products. Also they make all the products daily and want them to be consumed within a day. They do not use any kind of premixes or preservatives to increase the shelf life. Each of their products is made using fresh ingredients.

8) Le Artisan Boulangerie

Le Artisan Boulangerie, a pure French Bakery venture by Riddhi Patel. She has taken the bread baking game to an another level and glad most of Ahmedabad peeps have welcomed it so good! I love breads! next to noodles of-course :D. This bakery place has a lot more to offer. From sweet to savoury you can get your bread fix here. Right from Quinoa and Potato Sourdough to Pumpkin and Beetroot bread. Not go forget Mushroom Canapé and Zataar Lavash.

Do not miss their Danish Pastry. They pick fresh berry to infuse in the pastry. I had strawberry one. And Brookies was so good that I couldn’t stop talking about it. Also the sourdoughts, bagel and pretzels.

It’s a cute little place with a cozy minimal interior. Love how they place the Paris design big chair and chopping boards have details about the breads. They keep introducing new dessert for a limited period which is great! The packing box is fancy too. This place is our own Parisian Bakery in Ahmedabad.

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Lately on Sep 5th, 2018. Le Artisan Boulangerie have introduced Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea was customary for royals, and much more extravagance and elegance to it. It served as a tummy filler in between the two main meals. Here at Le Artisan, you will be well seated on linen tables to experience a three-tier stand adorned with delicious mini treats and beautiful teas from Three Clive Road. The menu is set to change every month with fresh seasonal ingredients. Each menu includes finger sandwiches, scones with homemade clotted cream and The Gourmet Jar preserve, and an assortment of sweet treats. The menu is paired with teas from Three Clive Road and is set for two persons.

Recently in May first week, Le Artisan Boulangerie introduced Cooking Academy where they will have crash workshops for many food things 🙂 Excited already?! Follow them on INSTAGRAM to stay update!

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9) Mad Batter by Aashna

The best thing about a home bakery apart from hygiene is the passion present in the products. At Mad Batter by Aashna the goodies are baked with oodles of love. — Aashna <3.

Aashna have always been passionate about food but her dear aunt sparked the joy of baking in her. She did some trial runs with her friends and one lazy night she got busy in getting her branding and all done! On December 2014, Mad Batter by Aashna born and she never look back since then. All the products are made with fresh ingredients (no pre mixes used). She have amazing collections of customized cakes and cupcakes which she has done for weddings, parties, special occasions, seasons and festivals! You need to pre-order all the items and it is available on Zomato as well.

Last winter I had this cake slice, the walnut and fig. It was freaking smoke show!! It was so fluffy and pretty much melted in your mouth. Follow her instagram account to witness the magic!

Walnut and Fig Slice Cake

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10) Natural Ice Cream

This place is so dangerous because as soon as you walk in, the ice cream freshness gets to you! One of my friend took me here because she is die-hard fan of Natural Ice Cream. I haven’t had it before but now it’s my one of fave place to dig in silky smooth scrumptious ice creams.


They have such fun fruits flavours and tender coconut won my heart! Best ice cream. Creamy without being too creamy, just right amount of thickness and flavours. The scoops are very generous. They use slow churning process which makes it more creamier but balanced.


Whoa!! This is it for now. I am craving for some sweet stuff but already brushed my teeth so I am going to control myself! Oh wait!! there is Baskin Robin’s Mississippi Mud tub lying alone in my freezer, I think I shouldn’t let it be alone ya’ Ta-da! See y’all super soon with more travel and food post. If I gone AWOL again, please pray for me. Thank You!!

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