Sunday Special: My 5 best restaurants and Cafés in Ahmedabad that serves heavenly delicious foods that you can always taste the freshness in each bite.

Eating is one of life’s greatest blessing and pleasure you can’t deny. And for travelers it’s not solely about eating good food. It is about understanding the culture heritage. Culinary traditions. Rituals. Art beyond boundaries. Even a simple raw onions can do wonders to your body that you learn from interacting with locals and sharing the knowledge with the world. In today’s world Gastronomy or Culinary Tourism (refers to trips made to destinations where the local food and beverages are the main motivating factors for travel) has emerged as an integral part to any tourist experience. There was a time when people really lived to eat 😀 Culinary Tourism is a diverse and dynamic channel for sharing stories, forming relationships, building communities and understanding the heritage. Chicken wrapped in a dough and cooked under the earth with some charcoal, the traditional style cooking cannot ever match the taste with the one we cook in a cooker. You cannot dare to label a ‘good healthy big bowl of rice noodles filled with vegetables and sea food’ as a junk food in Thailand or Vietnam but you label it a ‘junk food’ in India. Believe it or not, FOOD has the ability to shape your journey and define your memories. Here I am introducing you to my brand new post SUNDAY SPECIAL and sharing my 5 best Restaurants and Cafés in Ahmedabad.

I called it “Sunday Special” because this is about food 🙂 I have wrote a lots of post about Ahmedabad Food Festivals on Hungrito blog – READ HERE.

The Beginning: It was on October 21st, 2016 I received an e-mail from Zomato Team – Ahmedabad that they would like to give me (and 29 more people) an opportunity to join Official Zomato Ahmedabad Group where they will give the members chance to dine-in at the restaurants in an exchange of honest review on Zomato page. An invitation to become a Food Critic!! I joined the group and there’s been no looking back since then. I couldn’t join the team for group food tasting for longer time due to work or many other reasons, I had to exit the group after 13 months. But I have never stop writing reviews on Zomato page, simply because I love it!! || You can follow me on Zomato HERE.||

Later I got a chance to be an individual food reviewer 🙂 (always grateful!) Those 13 months taught me “Food is an essential part of people’s lives, and as such is much more than just a means of survival.” Why the flavor has to be like that only? Why you need wasabi sauce with Sushi? Why you cannot (simply cannot!!) mix milk in salad? Why you need to understand the cooking method in depth? Why tastes of Chinese food are categorized into five flavors: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter? (Yes!! different regions of China have different food taste. READ HERE. Practically you really need to travel to China to taste the authentic Chinese food!! :D).

FAST FORWARD TO >> My 5 best restaurants and Cafés in Ahmedabad that serves heavenly delicious foods that you can always taste the freshness in each bite.


This place explains as it name says “ZEN.” ❤ My all time happy space 🙂 Zen Cafe have 3 branches in Ahmedabad – Bodakdev, Satellite (famously known as TDW Zen Cafe) and Navrangpura (inside CEPT Campus). I have been more to TDW Zen Cafe than CEPT Campus because it is close to my home and opens till 11:00 PM, CEPT Campus Zen Cafe opens till 08:00 PM only. TDW Zen Cafe is gorgeous!! Right from the outside wood seating to under the tree shades to Zen’s freshly roasted brewed coffee, it will be hard to get up and drive back home. Literally I and my friends had to drag ourselves out from here every time we visit.

Have tried almost everything from menu and Pizza Platter and Roasted Herbs Potatoes are my all time favorite here. My best friend swears to have Hummus, Tomato, Kalamata Olives Toasted Panini 😀

If you are from Ahmedabad or regularly visits Ahmedabad, download REELO app and collect points to trade for free cappuccino or starters here.


I have been to Lollo Rosso a lot recently and my absolute favorite place to dig in healthy bowls. The first branch is at Vastrapur, a small and quaint one and last year Lollo Rosso opened a second branch, stunning decor and bigger one at Bodakdev. Pure deliciousness. I have tried almost all bowls here. Korean Prawns Bibimbap Bowl, Indonesian Chicken Rendang and Burmese Chicken Bowl are my top 3 favorite here. Blessed to get a chance having Indonesian Rendang here. Absolutely delicious. Almost same taste what I have back in homeland. The dim-sum here is flavorsome ❤

Featuring my foodie best friend – Namrata Makhija. She is a dreamer, real liberated fierce, hustler, rebel, spiritually inclined woman and who understand food like no other. She have traveled across India for work but she returns with a wholesome goodness of food culture knowledge which she have shared a lot with me. Recently she shared two best things about food:

1. Stuff all the small red or white onions in the jar of your choice. In a measuring cup, combine salt, sugar, two or three drops of vinegar and warm water. Stir to dissolve the sugar and salt. Have a piece of onion everyday in lunch. It will build your immune system to help you stay healthy and fight illness.

2. To balance red / white meat in your diet have mint leaves (pudina) and raw onion in meal. Best way to avoid get any acidic or bloating feeling.

She had her best Miso Chicken Ramen Bowl lately and already planning for a second visit!!

Lollo Rosso recently at The Good Food Festival by Foodaholics Ahmedabad have introduced “Summer Bowls and Rolls” for the April month. Summer Bowls is Noodles with lots of veggies, avocado and cherry tomatoes ❤ This one is again my favorite meal 😀

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Summer Bowl



Located at Level 3 Ahmedabad One (formerly known as Alpha One), Vastrapur, Millhouse has gained among all ages in short time. A good options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as well they have introduced Jain menu which is win-win for all. They have a wide range of healthy selections too – the Vegans drink! The food quality here is always on top notch. Millhouse serves best Chicken Wings and Affogato Ice Cream Bowl in Ahmedabad or probably in whole Gujarat Region. No kidding!!

Chicken Wings

AFFOGATTO ICE CREAM — Chocolate brownie, chocolate, and hazelnut ice creams, berry compote, dark & white chocolate fudge, marshmallows & a shot of strong Arabica coffee.

Affogatto Ice cream

Few months back Millhouse had Burger Festival and it was a huge success!! They served God of all Burgers 🙂 The best one I had was CUBAN SUB – 16 chicken slices and approx 50-60 grams of chicken chunks – loaded with chickens basically. Die another day!! This was paradise burger for those who love chicken. I drag myself to walk for good 10 mins after having this giant burger 😀

The Ultimate Cuban Sub and BBQ Paneer
Vegetable Molten Burger and Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel

Freebies: For Zomato Gold user, they have 1+1 on Food (Please unlock this before placing the order. They won’t accept after they punch the bill). As well offers 20% cash back on Dineout upon uploading the bill on app. 


Hands down for the best Chinese food in Ahmedabad!! Unlike other places where you get Chinese food in oily and spicy preparations, at Nanjing you surely get the authentic taste. Being a South Asian girl, I crave for good Chinese food almost every weekend. Mainland China did satisfy my taste bud but I wanted some more and of-course Nanjing filled the gaps. My all time favorite food here are: Chicken Fried Rice<3 Fried Prawns, Dragon Tails, Kung Pao Prawns Dry, Chicken in Oyster Sauce and Chicken Wonton.

Recently Nanjing have introduced “Unlimited Fixed Menu” Monday to Friday for Lunch and Dinner. Awesomeness in one go!! For me it was mini buffet kinda. Mouth watering meal ❤ (always grateful!).

(LU) Chicken in Oyster Sauce. (LD) Chicken Fried Rice. (RU) Buddha Delight Veggie. (RD) Vegetarian Fried Rice.
(Starting from Left Up) Veg Grilled Dumpling, Fried Concurd, Jade roll, Veg Spring Roll, Chicken Fried Wonton, Chicken Steam Dumpling, Drums of Heaven, Fish Chilly Dry.

Freebies: Collect Reelo points at Nanjing too!!


I just love everything about this cute and cozy French cafe/restaurant with an in-house rich bakery. The ambiance is moody. Menu is extensively huge!! with a pictures and description of each dish they serve. I haven’t visited the bakery yet, but heard a lot about the selection of baked good are very addictive. Best Meal: Crock-pot French Onion Soup, Croissant Sandwich, Burnt Garlic Rice, Potato wedges and Mediterranean Veg Pizza.

Potato wedges and Mediterranean Veg Pizza.
Crock-pot French Onion Soup, Croissant Sandwich and Burnt Garlic Rice.

I am big sucker for cozy, cute, quaint, rustic and woodsy comfy nooks or out-of-the-way locales. Some places gives you such a positive vibes that you will forget the world for a while and live for the moment. Well this time I decided to post late night because it is a good idea to read before you go off to bed 🙂 while you are reading this right now probably I am heading out for dinner to some cozy place or sipping on quick twist screw driver ❤ Financial year 2019-20 ends today and from tomorrow on April’s Fool (JK!) April 1st, Monday, the new chapter begins for 2020-21! Cheers to the incredible (and crazy) third month of 2019!! 😀

Last but not the least, follow me on my food journey on Instagram HERE.

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