Adlabs Imagica in flat INR 160 (A guide)

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Adlabs Imagica tagged as India’s favorite Holiday destination as well India’s first and only International standard Amusement park spread out on 130-acre land, located at Khopoli (Raigad District), Mumbai – Pune Express Highway, which is appx 90 mins drive from Mumbai or Pune (appx 115 kms) and for longest time the place which I was itching to tick off on my bucket list. It’s been 5 years since it’s opened for public and the reason I couldn’t plan for it was traveling expense and traveling by road from Mumbai is nothing but tiring (as well annoying) and not to forget the heavy traffic jams scene. Car rental costing INR 9499 + 18% GST (return journey) for a group of 4 people with all meals which is crazy high and INR 599 per person for bus (one way) which is economical but again the road trip and the traffic jam☹️ If you feel me, this the right place you stop by 🙂 I am going to guide you how to enjoy Imagica without blowing up on your budget and get over from traffic jams drama in just INR 160 ㋡

Couple of months back while booking for a client, I found out the cheapest way to reach Imagica is to travel by Mumbai Local Train! Voila, that makes me jumped out of joy. Mumbai Local Train is the best way to travel anywhere in less expense. I found out one *train which departs from CST station (don’t blame yourself if you still calling it VT station. Count me in!) at 07:03 AM from platform 5 and reach Khopoli at 09:47 AM and while return the train departs from Khopoli at 06:02 PM (and 10:15 PM if you wish to leave late from Imagica) and reach CST station at 08:22 PM (It will reach at 01:00 AM if you catch 10:15 PM train) (*IMP: Check time the table on or M-Indicator app (available in android and ios devices) before travel, timings keep changing). I thought it will be the best way to spend my Birthday at Imagica and I finally decided to tick off on my bucket list. The return local train journey cost me flat INR 60. (Yes you read it right!!) The train stops at Dadar and Kurla if you are on Western part of Mumbai.

Khopoli station to Imagica is appx 10kms (took me 25 mins to reach). Once you arrive at Khopoli station, you will see many auto-rickshaw waiting outside to take you directly to Imagica and fares are fixed by the rickshaw operators at INR 50 per person for a one-way ride in a shared rickshaw (4 pax ). However if you doesn’t want to share with anyone you can book the entire rickshaw for INR 200. For return journey, rickshaws are usually available outside the main entrance till 09:00 PM.

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Total Transportation Cost: INR 60 (train) + INR 100 (shared auto-rickshaw) = INR 160/- 

Tip: If ladies are traveling, hop on first compartment at CST station (exactly near the entrance) and 3rd compartment for men’s or mix and last (or 3rd last for men’s or mix) on any route on map to get down last at Khopoli station to get first on auto-rickshaw.

(In Men’s or Mix compartment, Ladies can hop on while Ladies compartments are strictly for Ladies only!)

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ADLABS IMAGICA Theme Park Experience:

I decided to book online on to earn JP Miles. Regular ticket to Theme Park cost me INR 1299 + 18% GST which is quite high due to peak season (April 15th to June 15th). Normal days they offer INR 999 + 18% GST. They have special package for students (ID Card is mandatory), Tuesday’s and Senior Citizen cost is 50% Less. If you wish to visit Theme Park + Snow Park + Water Park I would like to recommend you to book Imagica Passport at INR 2499 + 18% GST. It will give you an extra benefits of: 40% off on Snow Park, 20% off on merchandise, 20% off on food vouchers, 30% off on Photography packs as well you can visit Imagica 4 times in a year. Anyone would definitely need one full day each at Theme and Water Park.

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I was stick to Theme Park this time and it was mini wonderland for me. The ticket counters open at 10:00 AM and there are separate counters for online booking and walk-in. You can choose walk-in if you don’t have Jet Privilege membership (you can enroll here). Once you get the ticket (you will get the wrist band as well), you can enter the premise. I was accompanied with my mother and we both were super hungry when we reached Imagica and decided to eat first. But after entering, we found souvenir shop on left and decided to check it first (which was right decision we took). They have a lot of collections to choose from clothes, mugs, glasses, decor items and many more. I got coffee mug and fridge magnet (big collector :p), and later I thought to buy water bottle which was cute but they lied about it is insulated thermo-steel duo (don’t let them fool you!). I got Imagica Bath Towel for INR 249 which was originally INR 699 because I shopped for INR 1200+. The towel quality is good! After billing they will keep your goodies while you enjoy at the park. Do not forget to ask them for IMAGICA map, it will be handy to learn about the rides.

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Walking around and reminiscence about my childhood Rapunzel and Witch stories I transported to good old days 🙂

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And less than 5 mins walk took us to Roberto Food Court. It is a cute food court with good food! Imagica have 5 restaurants:

  • Roberto’s Food Court: A purely vegetarian restaurant, it serves various cuisines ranging from Indian, Mexican, Italian to Pan-Asian. This restaurant also has a separate kitchen for Jain meals. I found South Indian food delicious here. It opens for Breakfast (10:00 AM to 12:30 PM) and High-Tea.

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  • The Imagica Capital: A buffet exclusive restaurant serving Indian style food from states across India. Open for Lunch and Dinner.
  • Red Bonnet: A restaurant styled as a classic All-American Diner, serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fast food. The place is renowned for its burgers and hot-dogs. Their fries are crispiest!

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  • Armieda: A ship-themed restaurant with a Spanish setting that overlooks a view of the lagoon. The Armieda offers with freshly made sandwiches & salads for a quick bite. Visitors can also enjoy coffee and chilled beverages.

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  • Zeze Bar+Grill: A Bar and grill restaurant styled like an African tribal outpost, that serves food that is a fusion of African and Indian cuisine, like peri-peri chicken wings, paneer steak, spicy wraps and more.

After a good heavy breakfast it was time to enjoy the rides! Did I mention Imagica serves Raw Pressery juices?

Photo 25-05-18, 12 03 16

They have different rides for different age groups. Indoor attractions (22 rides) opens whole day while the outdoor roller coasters ride (4 rides) opens after 04:00 PM due to hot weather. Waiting time for the rides are differ from 10 mins to 40 mins.

I for India – an indoor ride on a 90-foot wide screen. The team have shot on a Helicopter and cover the journey spans across 6182 miles, covering 59 monuments across India. A virtual India tour. Could have get more journey but maybe they plan to add some in coming future.

Deep Space – the roller coaster ride constructed inside a massive dome which will give you feeling of space and this is a MUST ride! To cut it short, if you’re from 90’s era, this ride will give you Planetarium effect.

Rajasaurus River Adventure: A mandatory ride to splash some water on yourself and enjoy like you passed the Chemistry exam. It begins with a voice-guided boat tour of various dinosaurs inside a vast enclosure that is styled with pre-historic elements.

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Salimgarh: A slow moving coaster navigates the visitors through the ride letting them experience the story of the fictitious town of Salimgarh through frightening visuals and scary sound effects. Quite funny though! But they make sure to scare kids.

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There are more entertainment – Mr. India ride, The Detective Bow-Bow, Ali Baba aur Chalis Chorr (a live video game), Wrath of the Gods, Motion Box Theater (4D Cinema experience)

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Hold on! More for kids…

Prince of the Dark Waters: This is a movie experience that is screened on a 360° dome, spread across 3100 sq feet. Even though you are not a kid, you will surely enjoy this.

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Mambo Chai Chama: Mambo Chai Chama, which means ‘crazy tea party’, is a classic tea-cup ride for kids.

Splash Ahoy and Save the Pirate – This is pirate themed ride for the kids comprises many boats that are fitted with a water gun.

Bump It Boats: Water based version of the Bumping Cars specially designed for kids.

Loch Ness Expplorers: This is a kids’ ride themed around the mythical Loch Ness monster. It is a mini water coaster ride.

Humpty’s Fall: Humpty’s Fall is a kids’ ride. It is a mini drop ride inspired by the D2.

Wagon-O-Wheel: A mini Ferris wheel for kids.

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Tubbby Takes Off: Merry-go-round ride for the kids, based on an original Imagica character Tubbby, the flying elephant.

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The Magic Carousel: The classic Carousel at Imagica is imported from Italy in order to keep the authenticity of this vintage ride intact.

Something not to miss!

The House of Stars: The first official Bollywood Hall of Fame, which is a Bollywood-focused theme ride in technical collaboration with Kloneworld Entertainment in content association with Dharma Productions, Fox Star Studios India, Arka Mediaworks, etc. This will cost you extra at INR 249 + 185 GST. You can book it online as well buy at counter directly.

Outdoor attractions are the one for the ones who can hold their breath and an adventure junkie. Feel the thrill while you feel to throw up and your head is still spinning but you still feel that you are alive.

Gold Rush: Meh! This is just a beginning of roller coaster ride. Though I was dead already after 90 secs ride.

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Dare 2 Drop: Riders up to a height of over 132 feet at 73 kmph against gravity and drops down, at similar speeds. This motion gives the riders a sense of weightlessness for about a fraction of a second on the ride. I was dead already after Gold Rush and didn’t even dare to 2 drop. (Hahahaha…)


Scream Machine: The rotating pendulum which first gathers momentum by spinning, and then slowly starts to swing. This machine rotates and goes up at an angle of 120 degrees and climbs to a height of 142 ft. Oh well the picture and mini clip says it all. I skipped nearly 30 secs heart beats during shooting this.

Photo 25-05-18, 16 24 50Photo 25-05-18, 16 24 41

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Nitro: The biggest and scariest roller coaster in Imagica, with a height of over 132 ft and track length of 2800 ft. 150 secs ride and if you didn’t throw up, you’re Hero!! Probably Guinness World Book should have one category for this. (I’m serious!).

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*Taking a deep breath while sobbing because I am missing Imagica currently* Well after you end this, it’s time to collect the goodies from the souvenir shop (the reason I wrote in the beginning that it was a good decision we shop first) and head back to Khopoli station with a wonderful memories. I end all attractions with having a good time at Red Bonet Restaurant while sipping on my oreo shake and munching on fries and take a seat to shoot the scream machine action nearly at 04:55 PM because it takes appx 25-30 mins to reach station and I left Imagica at 05:15 PM.

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I’ve heard thousand times by now for Imagica evening parade. The whole place transform into a magical Disney Land sort (Like Ramoji film city if you happen to visit). The parade starts at 07:00 PM and nearly for an hour. I couldn’t wait for this, but if you’re planning to take 10:00 PM train (not recommending for solo or group of female travelers) or you are staying at Novotel Imagica hotel which is adjacent to the Adlabs Imagica Amusement Park, do not miss the parade!

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For all those who are looking for picture perfect Blog or do not want to compromise on grammin’ and lazy to work on picture clicking, you can hire a professional photographer here. The price is starts from INR 126 + 18% GST for 10 professional photos, INR 211 + 18% GST for unlimited professional photos and here comes the real deal – Personalized Service at INR 3050 + 18% GST.

A bid goodbye for now and a promise that I will keep sharing my mad travel stories to inspire your inner soul to crave for more :p

…until next time!☺️

Happy reading and be adventurous!★


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