My Travel Journal on VSCO

So I’ve finally jumped on VSCO though I was aware it is kind of nostalgia thing and many instragramers first love. With numbers of presets and if you don’t know how to play with editing game it will make you hate this app. I love photography but I admit I am still amateur. I am not the type of girl who get bore easily but VSCO I have tried 2 years back and never touched it again until 2 days back. Instagram, other than posting self pictures, advertising, meme’s and quotes have number of users who use it as a platform to show off their talents. Randomly bumped on 70yrsold account and voila make me feel am I alive or just breathing? Ok. I admit not actual random search I did, but thru Ahsaas Channa. She was the one who decided to give this account shout out. I finally feel I should learn how to edit pics on VSCO and decided to post my travel journal. Lots of pictures and minimal writing for those lazy days.

Here introducing my VSCO because sometimes it’s good to let the pictures do the talking 🙂

…Until next time!!🛳


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