Varanasi taught me something which the books failed.

I watch the sun rising above the river Ganga, lightning the sky, scattered out of the beam. 

I saw newlyweds happily rejoicing the new beginning. 

I saw newly born baby crying while the parents performing tradition prayer on the bank of the river Ganga.

I saw kids swimming fiercely in the river.

I saw different age group of people offering prayers to Almighty in different ways.

I saw people washing the clothes while listening to chants.

I saw widow and old age people sitting and chanting mantras near the Ghat.

I saw people mourning over their dead.

I saw fire all over, they cremated their dead.

I saw life cycle in 120 secs.


Published by

Shweta Lakhwani

Travel Planner by profession. Rest free time - Travel and Social Blogger, Amateur Poetry Writer, Foodstagrammer, Food Content Writer for Hungrito, Nomad Soul and Adventure Freak girl.

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