North Goa – Sun, Sea, Food, Trance Party. Repeat!

Blue ocean water, lush greeneries, palm trees, fresh sea food and dozens of beers. Just a perfect laid back holiday for me. I might be slightly biased but beach holidays is my escape. And Goa is just a perfect destination, not just because sale got me cheap hotels and direct flights, but somehow I feel Goa is a little heaven for me 🙂

My favourite thing to do in Goa is just hanging around by the beach, sitting on the rocks / sands and keep staring at the beach like a toddler watching his favourite cartoon show without even blinking. Watching sun shades touch the ocean every morning. Having finger licking sea food platter with chilled beer(s). Riding two wheeler through lush green countryside under the palm trees shades and in the evening, most beautiful ritual of the day, to watch the sun hiding into the Arabian Sea with the bare feet touching the cold beach water, feel the ocean breeze and thinking some crazy things about the future – an open eyes dream. At night wish to sleep under the sky and ocean waves be the lullaby, but in reality just gazing at the sky with the feet touching the beach water and heart developing a ‘God Consciousness’ to find a way(s) for fulfilling all my dreams. Its soothing. Calm my senses down and boost my soul energy. 


Keri, Arambol, Ashwem, Mandrem and Morjim beaches are lesser known beaches in North Goa. If you wish to go just for the relaxation these beaches are perfect. Blissful for love birds to spend time together. Marabela Beach Resort at Morjim is one of the famous beach stay with white tents but you need to be high on budget.
One of the secret Goa Getaway is Elsewhere. I bet, this heaven stay will make you cry when you leave. Elsewhere is secluded reserve separated land from the main coast and only accessible via a rustic wooden footbridge. They have four traditional houses over 100+ years. Tents are made up of silk and draped canvas if you wish to sleep under the stars like living in a fairy tale.

Vagator beach is famous for Thallasa. Its a Greek House, serving authentic and ridiculously good Greek food. Famous among Bollywood and Indian TV celebrities. They have around 3-5 huts to let. Every weekend they have Greek Dance, a must watch! Thallasa is also famous for sunset point.

A breezy evening and the beautiful sun spreading its orange haze.

You’ll find these colorful signs at Vagator beach.

Stay close to the beach🏖

Antares Beach Resort


Casa Vagator

Oltremarino Beach Resort

Ozran Beach Resort

W Goa

Hill Top Vagator, deserted by day and by the night it converted to insanely crazy playground for trance parties. Flooded with backpackers, party animals and music lovers. Its a vast open air playground for Goa’s diverse party goers. Valentines Day, Christmas and New Years attracts people from across the Globe. Sunday evenings party is from 17:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

Chapora Fort, rises above the Chapora River. Sounds funny when some tourist come down here and they’d ask for the Dil Chahta Hai fort😄 because the movie was shot here.

Calangute, Baga and Anjuna are the most visited beaches in North Goa. Candolim beach is bit calm and clean beach. Certainly best option if you wish to skip the crowd.

Famously known as well because of KingFisher Villa is nearby.

Anjuna beach is famous for its Wednesday Bazaar and Saturday Night Market. They have all the things to match your taste. Dirt cheap and absolutely perfect. From fancy clothes, home decor stuff and perfumes. Best month to go – Feb end to April end. Reason is simple, because its low season due to summer so the place won’t be too crowded and you can bargain the best.

Curlies is one of the beach shack on Anjuna Beach which you must visit. They have amazing sea food, beach view and near to paragliding centre if you wish to do some adventure.

Tantra Beach Shack and Huts is something will make you feel living like Hippie. They have funky beach stay under INR 2000 (some with shared bathrooms), lively ambience. This place is busted with foreign crowd and backpackers. The beach facing rooms do not have walls, so literally you can sleep and feel the ocean breeze with waves sings you lullaby. They do have private rooms as well with attached bathroom, its like small huts.

Note: This place is great for stags. Do not book if you wish to stay with family and kids. 

Baga Beach is my personal favourite. Decent crowd with lots of crowd from across the globe, amazing sea food platter at Brittos which you should never miss, if you are sea-food lover. They have water sports adventure too. Famous Tito’s Club is just few steps away.

A life-size statue of late Tito Henry de Souza, who started the Tito’s restaurant, was unveiled by his wife Lucille de Souza. He was one of the few entrepreneurs to start restaurant business in Calangute three decades ago, which grew and flourished under the name of Tito’s, gaining huge popularity both in India and abroad. The statue was unveiled to honour late Tito, the personality that was responsible for beginning Goa’s tourism odyssey.

You will find ample of sea shells of different shapes at Baga Beach. A sea shell is a hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. The shell is part of the body of the animal. Empty sea shells are often found washed up on beaches by beachcombers. The shells are empty because the animal has died and the soft parts have been eaten by another animal or have rotted out. You will find it near baga river side, to be precise, exactly opposite to Brittos shack. Go there early in the morning during sun rise, you will find bed of shells.

Catamaran, The oldest and most primitive fish hunting vessel, men rowing against the tide. The fisherman start as early as 4 am in the morning, because that is the time typically when the wind is blowing from the land towards the sea, so it is easy to sail through the sea. They travel like that for an hour and reach a point that they know that fish is available a plenty. Typically around 6 am in the morning the sun is up in the sky with a carpet of golden hue light spread across the ocean. Now this attracts the fish below and they come up to the surface apart from other reasons like to breath and feed. That is when the fisherman catch these fish using various techniques like Hook Line, Cash Net, Perseine net, Gill Net etc. They simply put the fish on the boat and come back by around 7:30 to 7:45 am to sell the fish.

I met this cute dog named Jolie. He was a pet dog of the fisherman. He barks when birds tried to steal the fish but he eats the fish in between interval, just rewarding himself as a good watch dog😄

Many people visit beach in the morning. Fresh air, ocean breeze, waves sound are soothing. You will even find tea seller as well.

If you are looking for budget stay then Julma Resort is the perfect match. It is a home stay basically with good rooms and 5 mins walk to Baga Beach. For me Julma is my second home whenever I travel to north Goa.

Some other accommodation near Baga Beach:

Baga Hideout resort

Baga Marina


Bomfim Villa

Casa Alexio

Kalki Resort

Keys Ronil Resort

Nazri Resort

Resort Primo Bom Terra Verde

Viva Baga

Calangute beach is one of the beach I personally avoid it. Over crowded with local and neighbourhood state people. One of the reason may be because they have public bathrooms and toilet. At the shacks, the host doesn’t have manners to talk with ladies. Food is too bad as well. I have a bitter experience thrice and now I will never put my foot again on this beach ever. First it was December 2011, visited with my sister and her friend. The way people stare at us make us feel scared. Second time I visited with my mother in 2016 and the way people rush blindly makes my mother scared. Third visit was in December 2016 for new year eve with my friends and believe me I cannot put it in words it was that much worst.

Famous Aguada Fort which was the light house in 17th century during Portuguese era on Sinquerim Beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. Still stand strong. Opens from 10:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs every day and its free for all. It is now have been transformed to a jail. You will find few markets just opposite to the main entrance. They sells water, snacks, hats and fancy clothes.

Little trek at Aguada fort, but fun. Best way to burn calories. If you get a chance, visit the top floor of the light house which is just beside the fort. Check with the security person for the timings. As far as I know it opens from 10:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 17:30 Entry ticket INR 10 for Adult – Indian. INR 25 for Adult – Foreigner. INR 20 for photography and INR 30 for videography. The view of Arabian Sea from the top of Light House is breathtaking.

John’s Boat Tours near Fort Aguada Road offers house boat stay. I haven’t been there but I have read many positive reviews on Trip Advisor.

Go Clubbing!

Nyex Beach Club, Anjuna

Club Cubana, Arpora

LPK, Baga

Mambos, Baga

Titos, Baga

Sinq Night Club, Candolim

Food is a bae!


Curlies, Anjuna

Tantra Beach Shack, Anjuna

Brittos, Baga

St. Anthony, Baga

Bobby’s Shack, Candolim

Calmari Bathe & Binge, Candolim

Ryan Shack, Candolim

S2 Beach Shack, Ashvem


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