Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 


Last year (2016) in the month of December I received an invitation to join “Serendipity Arts Festival” from 16-23 Dec. I was very well aware Goa takes Art as a serious and massive creative object, but this time I have seen something exceeds my expectation. As they said it was “A festival of unparalleled scope and scale empowering the arts.” Truly jaw dropping projects. The huge culture experiments I have never saw before. It was mix of cultural and photography exhibition, music, dance and theater performances, story telling sessions, visual and culinary arts. The idea of promoting exchanging ideas was on the next level. I only could wish to attend each and every projects they had. 40 projects and some signature venues along the river Mandovi.

The Venues were:
1) The Adil Shah Palace

2) Jardim Garcia d’Orta

3) Promenade

4) Old GMC Complex and Courtyard

5) Kala Academy

6) SAG Ground

I visited only one venue – Adil Shah Palace. The structure resembles the Portuguese era. One of the oldest surviving building in Goa. Sloping tiled roofs and wooden verandas open up to river Mandovi. It was originally The Summer Palace of Goa’s 16th century Muslim ruler, Adil Shah. Later the Portuguese converted into residency of Viceroy.

This place surely delights me. From lights decor to all colorful designs, portraits and extensive list for different arts which I am still clueless.

Some projects which I love the most 🙂

Some handicrafts designs

The wonders!

More in handmade decors

Art has no boundaries

The stories.

Lucid Sleep – “TO” by Lisa Stertz [23.12.2016]

This below piece addresses the responsibility of us humans to our earth. It seeks to ponder between the artificial man-made and the natural earth-given. With this it aims to highlight the notion and intention of care between humans, since it will only be a communal or relational gesture to nourish, help and heal us as well as our planet.

Lisa Stertz is a German artist currently based in Berlin (Germany). During her trip to Goa (India) for her art work, she was invited to join Serendipity Arts Festival which was held from 16-23 December 2016. In her work she aims to draw attention to the human body itself as well as the body in resonance with other bodies, materials and cultures. She seeks to put different ways of perception on display to point to an unbiased openness and to alter predetermination. Her work is thus nurtured by solo performances and collaborative works equally.

You can explore her work on

Nothing makes someone feel more satisfied than amazing food. Big event, refuel body for energy is must. Well as foodie-ism is the new religion, I love trying all new cuisines every time. At the Serendipity Arts Festival there was this cute cafe upstairs named “Perch”, serving limited food items but fresh and hot. From salads to pasta to sandwiches and burger. We sat at Patio area. It opens to Mandovi River.

It was hard to say good-bye, but souvenirs always stay close to heart. As I am a post-cards collector, I got 10 hand-made post cards, all were drawings done by school students. A coffee mug and 2 pens 🙂 Memories <3.

Photo 11-05-17, 18 51 57.jpg

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