How to earn while traveling?


Money is one of the main concerns for anyone, who is traveling the world. Without money you cannot travel and, thus, according to us, enjoy your life 🙂 Luckily, there are endless opportunities of how to make money while traveling the world and today we’re going to talk about them.

If you have ever asked yourself “How I will survive on the road?” or “ How will I make money if I am travelling the world all the time?”, this post is for you.

To earn money while travelling the world we recommend the following:

1) Teach any languages

English isn’t the only language people want to learn. Speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic or anything else? Look for jobs or set up your own classes by advertising at universities or popular hangouts such as cafes.

2) Start a blog

Travel blogging has the potential to open the door to a range of paid freelancing work. If you’re a good writer, start pitching story ideas from your experiences/destinations to magazines and newspapers. If you’re a good photographer, try and sell the photographs you take.

3) Organic farms

If you like nature and agriculture, organic farms are for you. You are supposed to work approximately 4 hours per day on a farm, which provides you with accommodation and food.

4) Find a full-time job wherever you are

Sometimes you get tired of travelling the world. Of course, it’s not a reason to come home. Maybe, you just have to think about the possibility of staying in one place for a couple of months and finding a regular job. In such a way you can save money and have a rest from active travels.

One of the most useful websites in such cases is Staydu, a social travel network for budget travelers, where you can find work in exchange for money or free accommodation.

5) Become a tour guide

For this job you do not need anyone to hire you. Just choose the route you know and look for clients yourself.

Many international tour operators that offer budget tours around the world, hire tour escorts to accompany each group. The pay is on the low side and you usually must sign up for a 1-2 year contract, but the benefit is that you get to explore parts of the world without spending any money at all, while gaining some great work experience in the process.

6) Freelance work

If you do not feel like being physically present at your job, you can always work online, accomplishing freelance assignments.

Here is a short list of well-known websites which will definitely help you: oDeskElanceFreelancerGuruiFreelance.

7) Travel Writing

If you’re a decent writer, there are opportunities out there to write about your experiences and the destinations you visit and then have those articles published on websites or online magazines. It’s not an easy business, but if you can get a couple of articles published and start to establish yourself, your articles might soon become sought after.

8) Photography Sales

You have dozens of gigabytes of pictures from you travels and do not know what to do with them? Sell them all online!

There are lots of photo stocks, the most popular of which are GettyiStock and Fotolia

9) Selling Goods Online

Found some cool product that you think others would be interested in? Have your own handmade product you want to sell? You could set up a website or a shop on eBay or any other type of online sales outlet and start selling. Your success will depend on many factors but again, if you’re willing to learn how to get your goods in front of the right people online, even a few sales each week could potentially keep you on the road.

10) Street performing

Dance, music, art: whatever skills you have on the side — or weird body parts that you don’t mind showing off for money — the right corner on the right street will get you a few dollars. Busking your skills topped off with painting yourself in silver may earn you enough to get a meal and a room in a hostel for the night. Try not to break any local laws regarding public decorum, or you may earn a fine or worse! Research in advance for this one.

11) Seasonal work

Picking vegetables, fruit, flowers: if you can handle being outdoors for long stretches and don’t mind getting dirty, you can bounce from the northern to the southern hemispheres in search of farms in need of a helping hand.

12) Resort work or summer camp work

Resorts and summer camps are often held in gorgeous regions, be it beach or mountains. These jobs require tons of energy and often the contracts have limiting stipulations such as not being allowed to leave the camp area or cruise ship, but you can save good cash for free travel time later.

13) Hostels, bars, restaurants

If you stick to very touristy areas, it’s pretty easy to land a bar job or table-waiting job in high season. Competition gets more tough in the low season but being multi-lingual will give you an advantage. Also, having a seasonal work permit/working holiday visa will encourage the local business owners to choose you over those less organized (and less legal).

14) Beauty and Hair

If you have the chance to carry the basic pieces of equipment with you, it is not unknown for some travelers to offer hostel guests a quick shave or massage for a few bucks. Manicures, pedicures, haircuts, make-up, face-painting for carnivals and parties … if you can build a rapport with a chain of hostels around a region it will be even easier to get clients.

15) Scuba Diving Instructor

Are you certified? If so, there are dozens of great scuba destinations around the world – Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii – where you could find work.

16) Teach Yoga

You could do the exact same thing as above with yoga or any form of exercise!

17) Teach Musical Instruments

Piano? Guitar? Flute? Glockenspiel? Whatever you can play, chances are there are people all over the world who want to learn as well. Advertise in local online classifieds or put up signs in busy areas, such as gathering places of college students, and you just might have a few classes lined up before you know it.

18) Au Pair

An au pair is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, aux pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a monetary allowance for personal use.

The situations vary but you’ll get room, board and a weekly paycheck for helping take care of a family’s kids, allowing you to explore the country you end up in during your free time as well.

19) Sell Your Art & Crafts at Local Markets

There are markets in many places where foreigners can rent a stall and sell their goods. Usually these are markets that are geared towards tourists and other travelers. As a result, there are many people who follow the market circuit, bouncing around from market to market all year round, selling their hand made crafts, artwork, clothes from India or other goods that are in high-demand.

20) Edit English Signs/Menus

It might sound silly but there are travelers out there earning decent money by wandering around touristy areas all over the world and getting paid to correct the English spelling/grammar on signs and menus of businesses that try to attract foreigners. Read an article of one guy in Thailand who would charge $10 for his editing services and he would have approximately 20 clients per week. Not a bad way to earn $800 bucks per month.

Of course, there are many more ways to earn money while traveling as well, so if you have anything you’d like to add or share, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. The more opportunities we list, the more we can help each other!

No matter what job you choose, don’t forget that your main aim is to travel as much as possible.

Thus, recall all you talents and figure out what you can do with them. Childhood hobbies might be a great source of income. Brainstorm and be creative! Good luck!


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