I’d love to travel but…..

We’ve all either said it or heard it a million times:
“I’d love to travel but ___________________.”

The answers can vary wildly, but in the end, they are all the same thing: an excuse.

So why is it that some people “can” travel and others “can’t”?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, I have asked many people around me and summarized 3 (major) common reasons they have:

1) It’s fair to say that not everyone wants to travel. But among those who do want to travel, yet say they “can’t”, most of them tend to point to some combination of costs (“I don’t have the money”) and uncertainty (“I don’t know how to see the world”). In many cases the first problem is simply a matter of priorities—they’ve chosen to spend on other things.

2) The second excuse people tend to use is they just don’t have time. Americans are known around the world as workaholics who never use their vacation time. If these people truly put their mind to it, they could find the time to travel. You really just have to make the decision to book a trip and go for it and you’ll realize how refreshing travel can be, not to mention the ways it changes your world view on other cultures and people, helps you grow as a person and makes you appreciate what you have at home.

3) The third problem may be a stalling tactic, or it may just be a lack of awareness of what’s possible. Hopefully as more and more people overcome their concerns and find their way out the door, others will be inspired to overcome whatever they perceive to be difficult… even if it’s simply a perception not based in reality.

Every problem has a solution. The solution may first looks – it will be difficult to accept it, but once you practiced it in your own way (safety comes first) you will be happy to notice the positive change in you! So as TRAVEL 🙂

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